Thursday, January 26, 2006

Watch Reality TV? Who? Me?

Yes, I like me some reality TV. I helped a friend with her audition tape for The Real World, back in the day. I've got more reality television set up on Season Pass on my DVR than any other type of programming. I've played Fantasy Survivor. I've seriously considered setting up one of those nifty ticker things in my message board signature counting down the days to the much anticipated premier of Big Brother.

With that being said, I have to call attention to the fact that I do not love all reality television. American Idol makes my skin crawl (yes, go ahead and's true!) and I could never get into the Amazing Race, although Damn! that would be a fun one to participate in. The Biggest Loser? Not for me, not even for a second. I did attempt to watch the trainwreck that is Skating with the Stars but it was painful and I won't be back. Probably.

I'm going to stop now....I sound like an addict trying to work her way out of an intervention.


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