Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bite me.

So today is The Day That I Hate Most* and office meeting day, all rolled into one. Oh joy.

Yesterday's email reminder about Fun Tuesday included a little note: "Don't forget that it's Valentine's Day. Wear pink and red!" So I'm wearing brown. Head to toe, brown. I'm assuming that brown is the color of my cold, dead heart.

All bitterness aside, I'm hoping that I can reign in my bad attitude enough today to guarantee that my office key will still be functioning tomorrow. The boss man's pretty cool, but he has a strict No Grumpy People rule. I'm hoping they'll throw me a bone and remember that I'm Suzie McPerky, bitch on the inside, 364 days a year.

Just don't tell him about the Motherfucker Chorus that's on a continuous loop in my head and I think I'll be ok.

*Quick catch-up session here. I'm assuming my hatred of all things cupidy and heart-embellished comes from the fact that my first love dumped me for a man. Or that all of the relationships that followed could be summed up in this way: I make poor choices.


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