Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reality Reviewed...

So I've revealed my love for The Bachelor already, but can I just say how freaking amazed I am that he picked the one that he did? I'm shocked. And in awe. I honestly didn't see that one coming. I do have to share my five year old daughter's reaction to the episode:

Travis: "I feel bad..." (or something along those lines)
5: DON'T!!

Travis: "I'm sorry...."
5: I'M NOT!!

Where on earth does that child get her attitude? Um....oh yeah....nevermind.


I'm anxiously awaiting the final episode of Project Runway. 25 minutes and counting! I'm sad, sad, sad that Nick is not a part of the final three (He was robbed!!) so I'm pulling for Daniel V. Chloe? She's good too. I just hate Santino, naturally.

But seriously, I do think that Nick and Daniel are very talented designers. Of course the fact that they're just the kind of eye candy that makes me giggle and swoon doesn't hurt.

Yes....I know.